A Quiet Sunday

Jesús swept. Hank’s Hardware Shop (“We want your screws to be loose!) closes at 6 pm on Sundays.  Watch check: 5:50. He kept sweeping, still wondering whether his technique was more efficient than that used by mentally handicapped workers. As always he quit caring pretty quickly. Wood shavings clustered and cuddled with bent nails in… Continue reading A Quiet Sunday

Literary Purge

Calmly I wait for agitation and delirium to override my ego’s inability to wait for and work for a shitty first draft. The two competitors, Insecurity and Overconfidence, face each other like former friends finally at the realization that only one can, in the end, hold the prize. I use “prize” loosely since only an… Continue reading Literary Purge

The Little Things

I got a break from sorting sordid clothes to help a lady move a just-bought mattress to her “just around the corner” house. Ricky and I entered his stripped red truck and he asked if he could smoke. I said sure and soon tobacco smoke filled the car, smooth as the Soul coming from the… Continue reading The Little Things

Peanut Butter and Jelly

I finally made a PB&J in the ECV dining hall! Up to this point, a sign reading: “When getting peanut butter, PLEASE spread on a plate rather than on bread. Thank you” had been a powerful and anxiety inducing deterrent. I was worried I would forget and the peanut butter applier would contact bread and… Continue reading Peanut Butter and Jelly


The tangerines were going bad. Paul knew this. He could see it. Between the yellow bananas and the big red apples were the little oranges, which weren’t oranges and which weren’t orange, completely. One was different. Walking around the table to the hutch, Paul picked up the dull green tangerine, and powder came off in his… Continue reading Tangerines


Like nautilus to a shell are men to this world. We find a home that we see suits us, or appears to, and claim it a match made in heaven, literally. We do not see that it is not-all-us. Instead we insult all else and declare ourselves superior through soul alone. The rulers we are, the… Continue reading Shell-Shocked


Like swimming in a pool of honey This Anxiety does slow me All around me sweet and happy things occur But I feel trapped and sluggish Like a feeling of nothing stuck in my chest It cloys in my mouth and makes my throat somber To combat this inner, I pump from the outer Songs from… Continue reading Trapped

Weekend Plans

Her voice lurched between a high-pitched whine that narrowed into a “question?”-implied silence and a low throaty drop reminiscent of the stuffed way a person sounds when they talk right before throwing up. It made Ethan nauseous. And angry. It made him imagine jumping up from his seat in the middle of the dimly lit… Continue reading Weekend Plans