Like nautilus to a shell are men to this world.

We find a home that we see suits us, or appears to, and claim it a match made in heaven, literally.

We do not see that it is not-all-us.

Instead we insult all else and declare ourselves superior through soul alone.

The rulers we are, the emperors we be, of clothes which, I cannot see.

Our brains, the behemoth barriers, make us sentient and separate,and with them we use reason

to find a reason for our being, a cause most sought and desperate.  Religion provides that reason

and regardless of whether or not it’s true, it relieves the tension and apprehension about our end

and beyond.

The saying goes, “Ignorance is bliss” and so inversely, “Knowledge is amiss”.

And yet we point and jeer at the stupid monkeys in the zoo, who never need fear what we can’t forget.

Death is coming.

So tidy up the shell and crawl, bearing the punishment of knowing some, but not all.


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