Like swimming in a pool of honey

This Anxiety does slow me

All around me sweet and happy things occur

But I feel trapped and sluggish

Like a feeling of nothing stuck in my chest

It cloys in my mouth and makes my throat somber

To combat this inner, I pump from the outer

Songs from my ipod they echo and explore my inner expanse

Like air that fills a balloon they make me rise

But artificially

I walk the lonely paths and feel the wind

The universe is large and I so small

pitifully so

Others walk by like ghosts from a lost past

Flickering in the periphery

seeming separated

by water

Averted glances, pulled out phones, estranged are


To my room I go, longing sleep and unconsciousness

Where anything is possible and consequences are nothing.

But like falling it ends quickly despite the lies of perception

Forgotten so quickly it goes and back into the pool I splash

The sickening sweetness surrounds me and I sigh


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