Like nautilus to a shell are men to this world. We find a home that we see suits us, or appears to, and claim it a match made in heaven, literally. We do not see that it is not-all-us. Instead we insult all else and declare ourselves superior through soul alone. The rulers we are, the… Continue reading Shell-Shocked


Like swimming in a pool of honey This Anxiety does slow me All around me sweet and happy things occur But I feel trapped and sluggish Like a feeling of nothing stuck in my chest It cloys in my mouth and makes my throat somber To combat this inner, I pump from the outer Songs from… Continue reading Trapped

Poetic Pathetic

The cracks of man are many and more with the draw of a day holding a store. From sleepless nights to drowsy days, the hidden inner the outer betrays. The foundation, fated to fall, fell through nascent neglect and shady shawl. The bust is broken, the tatters token, the seismic silence spoken. The question left… Continue reading Poetic Pathetic