Poetic Pathetic

The cracks of man are many and more with the draw of a day holding a store. From sleepless nights to drowsy days, the hidden inner the outer betrays. The foundation, fated to fall, fell through nascent neglect and shady shawl. The bust is broken, the tatters token, the seismic silence spoken. The question left… Continue reading Poetic Pathetic


The makers of umbrellas must have a love/hate relationship with hair. They don’t want hair to get wet, but it’s all cool that the spokes will rip your hair out if your head even touches them. Baldness already runs in my family, so I don’t really need to give it a head start. Is that… Continue reading Umbrellas

Taking a break

He looked up from the table away from his laptop, too bright to pass for natural amidst the dim surroundings, briefly recalling that more than this exists. There was a girl once. She would smile and he would smile, stretching a face frozen too often in an expression attempting to convey scholarly apathy. He had… Continue reading Taking a break