Like nautilus to a shell are men to this world. We find a home that we see suits us, or appears to, and claim it a match made in heaven, literally. We do not see that it is not-all-us. Instead we insult all else and declare ourselves superior through soul alone. The rulers we are, the… Continue reading Shell-Shocked

Poetic Pathetic

The cracks of man are many and more with the draw of a day holding a store. From sleepless nights to drowsy days, the hidden inner the outer betrays. The foundation, fated to fall, fell through nascent neglect and shady shawl. The bust is broken, the tatters token, the seismic silence spoken. The question left… Continue reading Poetic Pathetic

Alliterative Agony

The glass cracked and with it the peace. The calm of the night convulsed with tension as the once contained cabin leaked. The current, corpulent and corroded with carrion, breached the atmosphere. The boy crept to the curtain, his face soaked with sweat and frothing with fear as he peeked in. Originally he’d intended to… Continue reading Alliterative Agony

Drowned in Sound

  Oh how we sacrifice those subtle sounds for the protective and dream-like bubble that music blared straight into the ears creates. Silence becomes unbearable as our bodies’ natural rhythms, paled by music’s palpable pulsing, become indiscernible and insufficient. Is the loss worth the gain? Let me whisper you the answer…